Fast like a Fox

Fast like a Fox 1.0.4

Make that Fox sprint by tapping your device with one of your fingers

Fast like a Fox has been developed by WayBefore Ltd and has the reputation of being one of the quickest and most fun platformers that has ever been created. With a totally unique tap control, this is a free game that is guaranteed to keep you playing. You can make that Fox sprint by tapping your device's back with one of your fingers. If you tilt or shake the device, it will have pretty much the same effect only without the precision.

So what's the story?

Some mysterious minions have stolen the Golden Fox tribe's treasures. You are the person who has been chosen to get the treasures back and return them to their rightful place. By controlling the Fox, you can make it run through a challenging and exciting world that comes alive with some excellent graphics. Pass through snow-covered valleys, cloud temples, fiery caves, mountain tops as well as city roads and undergrounds.

To obtain the highest score possible you must find all of the coins, diamonds and emeralds in record breaking time and because of this, tension levels may get very high. To win the Fast like a Fox challenge you must do a final run and using your special power unlock a mysterious character.

Key features of the Fast like a Fox challenge

  • Unique tapping control that makes the game easy to play but hard to master

  • This is a quick fun game with a lot of replay value

  • Playing at you optimum will unlock all of the secrets that the game holds

  • The faster you are the more coins, diamonds and emeralds that you collect

  • This is a challenging world that you are entering that is full of adventure

  • Excellent soundtrack to help you tap your fingers

  • This game has taken its inspiration from retro console games. It has vector based graphics and precise geometry

  • Don't forget to share your high scores with all your friends

  • Only the best will get to be number one on the leaderboard
  • Fast like a Fox


    Fast like a Fox 1.0.4

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